Bob Perreault: Co-Founder

Bob is acting Chief Operating Officer of ESQ, Inc and is not currently involved in PBG.  Prior to ESQ Bob was Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Intrax Corporation in San Francisco but remained involved in PBG in providing strategic direction for the firm.  He has a long career of providing operational and strategic advice to software businesses and other technology-related companies. Prior to co-founding the Perreault Birmingham Group, Bob was Executive Vice President of Blue Pumpkin Software and was instrumental in improving the company’s performance and then selling the company to Witness Systems. Bob has also spent ten years in senior executive positions at Chemdex (Ventro), Borland Software, Visigenic Software, Compuware, and Arsin Corporation, and founded two consulting start-ups that were later acquired. Bob also served as Senior R&D Section Manager for database products at Hewlett-Packard, where he worked for over ten years. He holds a B.A. in Economics/Math Sciences with Distinction from Stanford University, an M.B.A. with Distinction from the University of Michigan, and was an HP sponsored participant in the Honors Cooperative Masters program in Computer Science at Stanford University.