The Perreault Birmingham Group LLC (PBG) works closely with small and medium size companies as a financial advisor in financing transactions that enable businesses to innovate and grow and in M&A transactions that create ownership opportunities for purchasers and exits for founders, owners and investors. PBG also provides consulting services to companies to support these activities by assisting companies in improving business operations in preparation for a financing or M&A transaction.

Founded in Palo Alto in 2003, PBG specializes in working with the technology-driven businesses that flourish in Silicon Valley. This includes companies involved in core technology products and services such as hardware and software, IoT, healthcare, energy, and education technology, as well as other entrepreneurially-driven businesses.

PBG principals collectively bring over 150 years of experience working with Silicon Valley companies ranging from startups to technology icons, including HP and Apple. In addition to their investment banking services, the principals of PBG apply a wide range of skills and experience from prior management positions in such diverse areas as sales & marketing, operations, legal, and finance. PBG maintains an extensive network of contacts at Silicon Valley companies, venture capital firms, private equity firms, and angel groups in addition to resources at accounting and law firms and other related functions.

PBG is a boutique investment bank that prides itself on providing personalized service to a small, select group of clients. As such, we are committed to the following guiding principles of our business:

Bring to each engagement our management knowledge and experience and use them to work closely with management to develop operational and financial plans that achieve clients’ objectives and significantly enhance the opportunity for a successful transaction;

Support clients in their efforts to foster innovation and growth;

Take a long-term perspective in working with the client that goes beyond the execution of a single transaction to the achievement of greater goals and objectives;

Provide senior level advice to the client at all stages of a transaction until it is closed and thereafter; and Act with integrity in dealing with clients and third parties in marketing and closing a transaction.

The specific services provided by PBG:

  • Equity and Debt Placements
  • Mergers & Acquisitions/Sell side and Buy side
  • Strategic Investments
  • Consulting