About the Perreault Birmingham Group LLC

Bob Perreault and Hobey Birmingham founded The Perreault Birmingham Group in 2002 and began operations in 2003. Bob, a technologist who had been a senior executive of several Silicon Valley technology companies and Hobey, a Silicon Valley attorney, executive and board member, both realized that in the post-bubble, Sarbanes Oxley environment, many small and medium size technology companies needed good strategic planning and assistance in (1) raising funds and (2) finding attractive M&A exits. It also recognized that companies can use strategic acquisitions to leverage technology and fuel growth. Believing that small and medium size businesses perform best when focused on creating strategic value, the firm has dedicated itself to helping clients at any stage in the business life-cycle, including initial business planning, fund raising, execution and strategic planning, acquisitions, and finally finding a strategic exit at a rewarding valuation.

Since its initial inception, PBG has attracted several executives with extensive backgrounds in operations, finance, marketing and investment management.  The current team includes Bruce Stouffer, Frank Atkinson and William Doyle.