PBG Professional Services Referral Network

The Perreault Birmingham Group frequently provides client referrals to, and receives client referrals from, other professional services firms. In addition to the funding and business consulting services provided by PBG, startup companies typically need other services including legal, accounting and executive search. We maintain relationships with a small cadre of professional service firms in order to provide clients with these supplement resources that they may require as their business begins to grow. PBG’s Professional Services Referral Network facilitates an informal referral exchange among trusted partners that benefits all parties involved. Some of the specific benefits for each type of partner are outlined below:

Law Firms:

While most clients come to PBG already having established an initial structure as a legal entity they often have additional requirements for legal services such as debt, equity and warrant agreements, licensing agreements, channel partner contracts and intellectual property protection. Although startup companies frequently need these services that often lack the funds to be able to pay for them. Law firms will refer clients to PBG for assistance in fundraising to increase the likelihood of payment for their services rendered.

Accounting Firms:

Many firms start out with a do-it-yourself approach to accounting using tools such as QuickBooks and other similar programs. However, as they begin to consider raising funds from outside their immediate circle of friends and family potential investors will require a more formal accounting process that is reviewed and/or administered by an independent third party. The requirement provides an excellent opportunity for exchange of referrals between PBG and its vetted accounting partners.

Executive Search:

At some point most startups firm themselves in need of additional executive staff beyond their initial complement of talent. This often involves specialized skills and experience that requires the assistance of a professional recruiter to identify and attract to the startup company. Many times the startup is unable to fund the cost of the new hires without a preceding capital raise. This is where PBG can complement the efforts of the executive search firm by enabling the expansion of the executive team with a timely round of financing.