The PBG Process is relevant to every small technology firm, as each one exists somewhere in the PBG opportunity cycle, as well as prospective investors. Companies often approach PBG in search of funding but come to realize that they must first go through an improvement process in order to attain their funding goals:

  • IMPROVE can be related to either a need to improve the operational aspects of the business or simply improve the way the business opportunity is being presented to investors.
  • FUND involves matching the company with right funding sources. This can be identifying the right type of funding (e.g. equity vs. venture debt) or the appropriate funding stage (e.g. seed vs. A round). It also means utilizing the PBG investor network to match the company with firms whose investing profile is consistent with the company’s industry and financial characteristics.
  • GROW is an objective of every company and PBG is uniquely positioned to assist in this area because of the experience of the firm’s principals. More than just financial experts, the PBG team has the skills and resources to help firms grow in order to meet or exceed the expectations of their investors.
  • EXIT is a requirement for all investors based on the parameters of their investing charter. PBG helps determine the optimal path of exit and assists in facilitating this process, often in the form of an M&A event.
  • REDEPLOY is an important step to investors looking to find new opportunities to employee cash in high return opportunities. PBG maintains an active list of investment opportunities, providing investors with a variety of options in terms of investment stage, size and business focus.