The Perreault Birmingham Group, LLC

All of us at the PB Group were drawn to Silicon Valley by its innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit. From working years in business here, we know it can be different from business elsewhere and present unique challenges. We have designed our investment banking and consulting services to meet the special needs of small, innovative and entrepreneurial companies such as are often found in Silicon Valley and other start-up centers.
 In investment banking, we help with:
   * Early and later stage fund raising
   * Buy and sell-side merger & acquisitions for growth and exits.
   * Recapitalizations and strategic partnering,
 These services are aimed at creating long-term strategic value.
 We also recognize that from time to time smaller companies can benefit from some outside help, and we provide consulting services to support these needs, including:
   * Change management,
   * Marketing, and
   * Strategic business planning and execution.
 Our professionals have deep business experience and broad knowledge of Silicon Valley, and that experience and knowledge also extends to the U.S as a whole and to international markets. All of this we offer to clients to help them achieve the results for which they are aiming.

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The use of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as a funding mechanism for startup companies has become a hot topic in the investment community. On the surface it sounds almost too good to be true – fund your startup with little regulation while not giving up any equity in the business. While these characteristics are true of an ICO, startup companies should proceed with great caution before embarking on this funding path.