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Our Services:

  • Strategic Advisory: Business and strategic planning; business performance improvement; and creation, development, and realization of strategic opportunities.

  • Funding* Advisory:  Assist clients looking to raise capital in evaluating alternatives and identifying optimal funding strategies.

  • Merger & Acquisition* Planning: Strategic assessment and planning designed to identify opportunities, analyze key elements of value, and provide longer term planning that will enhance exit opportunities.

  • Post-Merger Integration: Advising and assisting clients in post-merger integration planning and execution.

*Note: Fund raising and M&A execution is referred to our partner, Corporate Finance Associates (CFA) and Corporate Finance Securities (CFS).  PBGRP and CFA/CFS are unaffiliated entities.

The PBGRP Approach:


A: To position our clients for a transaction, we:

  1. Evaluate and improve financial systems and controls

  2. Identify potential near-term profitability and revenue improvements opportunities

  3. Cooperatively develop strategic plans

  4. Support development of operating plans

  5. Articulate growth initiatives


B: We design a strategic investment approach to:

  1. Understand each client’s unique value proposition

  2. Articulate competitive advantage

  3. Target prospective investors that fit

    • Strategic criteria

    • Financial criteria

C: We design transaction structure to business fit for:

  1. Strategic investment (minority stake with business attributes)

  2. Negotiated or auction sale

  3. Joint venture

  4. Merger/acquisition

  5. Less-than-control financial investment

  6. Venture debt

  7. Debt


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